steps going downwards in a fort with people sitting on the steps

Activities at Castle Mandawa


Explore Fresco Trails

The exhilarating feeling of releasing an arrow and witnessing its graceful flight through the air evokes a truly enchanting sensation. Picture the distant target captivating your gaze, your hand poised against your cheek with a gentle tremor and the resonating impact of each arrow finding its mark. Rooted in a rich historical tapestry, archery emerges as a captivating blend of sport, practice and artistic expression, where arrows find their way through the air propelled by a skillfully wielded bow.

a lane filled with people going from under a fort
textile threads in many colours kept on a table


Local Market Visit

Discover the vibrant heart of Mandawa through its local market, a treasure trove of regional specialities. Here, visitors can explore a myriad of shops offering an array of brass items, colorful textiles, handicrafts, traditional furniture and unique antiques. It's a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and pick up some memorable souvenirs.


Local School Visit

Experience the community spirit of Mandawa by visiting the local girl’s school supported by the Mandawa family. Guests can arrange a visit to this educational establishment, where there's an opportunity to interact with the students and participate in school activities. It's a meaningful way to engage with the local community and understand their educational endeavors.

an empty classroom with chairs and desks leading to a board
two puppets being controlled by a puppet master during a puppet show


Puppet Shows

Experience the enchanting world of Rajasthani folklore through Mandawa's traditional puppet shows. These vibrant and colourful performances bring to life local legends and stories, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. It's a captivating and entertaining way for visitors of all ages to engage with the local arts.


Camel Ride

Embrace the true essence of desert life with a camel ride in Mandawa. This unique experience allows you to explore the scenic landscapes in a traditional and leisurely manner, offering a glimpse into the nomadic lifestyle of the desert.

a man with a camel walking in the desert
a blue green vintage car parked in place


Vintage Car Ride

Step back in time with a vintage car ride in Mandawa. This luxurious experience lets you explore the town's historic sites and picturesque surroundings in style, offering a unique blend of adventure and nostalgia.